Photo of the Day: Fish Fins

DSC_0468Fish drying is a common sight in Kamakura. In fact, my husband has taken up the hobby, though he’s taking a break over the winter. These fishy were snapped through a shop window along Yuigahama Dori. I likely wouldn’t have noticed, but Hisashi has an eye for fish and found them no problem.

Fall in Kamakura: Hokoku-ji

Also known as Take-dera, meaning bamboo temple, Hokoku-ji was founded in 1334. It’s a bit of a hike from Kamakura station, but if you love bamboo groves, it’s a must. The main grounds are open for free wandering, but entrance to the bamboo grove requires payment of a small fee, as does a ticket for a cup of matcha. Though the bamboo stays green year-round, the rest of the landscape turns brilliant gold (ginko), vibrant red and sunset orange (Japanese maple).

As it’s surrounded by a number of other temples—including Kamakura’s purported oldest temple, Sugimoto-dera—the trip out easily becomes one filled with easy temple-hopping.

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