A Fine Fall Day

The first winds of winter may have started blowing this week, but the afternoons are still gloriously warm. Hisashi bought a small boat the other day, fulfilling a year-long dream, and took Kaede out for a little row. By the time I joined them on the beach, they were back to shore, and Kaede was … Continue reading A Fine Fall Day

Photo of the Day: Persimmon Orange

Maybe I was sheltered as a child, but until I came to Japan, I had never seen a persimmon. I didn't even know what they were. In fact, until I was about 21 and had a friend purchase a "persimmon coloured" shawl, I had not even an inkling what "persimmon" might be. After that, I … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Persimmon Orange

Photo of the Day: Colourful Kamakura-gu

Throwback... Monday, with a photo of fall colours at Kamakura-gu. Kamakura-gu has a white torii, which isn't too common, but not unheard of. Most torii in the area are either unpainted or red. The white is a nice change, and let's the fall colours really shine.

Fall in Kamakura: Hokoku-ji

Also known as Take-dera, meaning bamboo temple, Hokoku-ji was founded in 1334. It’s a bit of a hike from Kamakura station, but if you love bamboo groves, it’s a must. The main grounds are open for free wandering, but entrance to the bamboo grove requires payment of a small fee, as does a ticket for … Continue reading Fall in Kamakura: Hokoku-ji