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We have two rooms available, one a generous 8-mat sized Japanese-style room (roughly 14 square metres/150 square feet), the other a Western-style room (roughly 14 square metres/150 square feet).

The Japanese-style room has tatami flooring, and bedding is traditional futons set on the floor. Guests are requested to remove their slippers and take care with luggage on the tatami flooring.

The Western-style room has two single beds, a small sitting area, and a desk.

Both rooms are equipped with a small television, hairdryer, aircon unit (for heating and cooling), and wardrobe or closet for hanging clothes.

Please note that rooms do not have ensuite washrooms or bathrooms. Washrooms are located down the hall from guest rooms, on the second floor, while bathrooms are located on the first floor. Bathrooms are Japanese-style, with a family-use bathtub and shower, as well as a changing area with sink and mirror.

***Please note that room rates no longer include breakfast. We have temporarily suspended our breakfast service and self-serve tea and coffee service, as well as access to the dining room due to COVID-19.***

There are convenience stores, restaurants and cafés in the area for snacks and other meals, though be advised that most shops (except for the convenience store) are not open late.

Room 2

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Description: 8-tatami (~4m x 3m, 45cm); sleeps a maximum of two adults; one window, ocean view
Rate: from ¥5000/person/night, depending on season and day.

Please visit our page for details.

Room 3

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Description: Renovated in January 2019; approximately 4m x 3m, 45cm; hardwood floor; sleeps a maximum of two adults (two single beds); two windows, one of which has an ocean view
Rate: from ¥5500/person/night, depending on season and day.

Please visit our page for details.

Setting Up Your Bed (Room 2)

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While at ryokans, futons are generally set up by staff, at Japanese pensions and guesthouses, guests set up their own futons.

Everything you need is in the oshiire (closet). A light blue or patterned blue mat goes down first (this is optional), followed by a dark blue or brown one (if the futon is a thick one, there won’t be a thin mat). Next up is a white sheet—this is what you’ll sleep on, not under. Last is the kakebuton (duvet). And then, of course, pillows.

Rooms will also have towels for each guest. For the sake of the environment, please limit yourself to one set of towels per person for your stay (unless they’re damp, in which case just ask us for a new set).

Wondering about our location? Have a look at the map below: