Summer in Kamakura

There's no denying it: Rainy season is over (something like 22 days earlier than average!), which means summer is here and it is hot. And humid. And it's going to last at least two months. Of course, we wouldn't have it any other way in a beach town — who wants cool, drizzly summers when … Continue reading Summer in Kamakura

Bon Odori Summer Festivals

  Japanese summers are pretty spectacular. They buzz (cicadas) and DON DON DON (taiko drums). They whistle and gong and chant (festivals). They're burning hot and impossibly humid. But if you let the music drifting from the festival grounds carry you along, not only will you make it to fall without melting into a puddle … Continue reading Bon Odori Summer Festivals

Photo of the Day: Snow Cones For Sale!

It's getting a little late in the year for posts about kakigori, but I had this one all set and forgot to post it, so here it is anyway—a snow cone in autumn. Well, a sign for snow cones, at least. The kanji (Chinese character used in Japanese) means "ice", and flags like this one … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Snow Cones For Sale!