Summer in Kamakura

There's no denying it: Rainy season is over (something like 22 days earlier than average!), which means summer is here and it is hot. And humid. And it's going to last at least two months. Of course, we wouldn't have it any other way in a beach town — who wants cool, drizzly summers when … Continue reading Summer in Kamakura

Photo of the Day: Duelling Mikoshi

I've posted a few photos from this festival already, one of some fancy tattoos and one of some bare bums. I thought it was finally time to post a photo of what actually happens at the festival. Two mikoshi (portable Shinto shrines/divine palanquins), supported by local men and women, locked in "battle" in the ocean … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Duelling Mikoshi

Funa Oroshi

Making a living via the sea isn't an easy path; in fact, it's a downright terrifying one as far as I'm concerned. But then, I'm from a landlocked farming community, so dirt is naturally a far friendlier way of life the way I see things. I guess I'm not alone in my wariness of the … Continue reading Funa Oroshi