A Guide to Kamakura’s Hydrangeas

This is an unofficial history, recounted to my husband by his kobudo teacher, who assures us that his memory is correct: ***** Once upon a time, some 40 or 50 years ago, the city of Kamakura had a problem: June — the rainy season in the area — saw tourist numbers plummet, and the much-needed … Continue reading A Guide to Kamakura’s Hydrangeas

Hase in the Snow

Taking a bit of a break from Kamakura in Kana to post some photos of the snowstorm from Monday, January 22. It only snows a few times a year here — sometimes only once or twice, so to get this much snow was pretty exciting, especially for this Canuck. While I didn't manage to make … Continue reading Hase in the Snow

Photo of the Day: The Octopus

Hisashi has quite an eye for sea creatures. While playing on the beach with Kaede and friends the other day, he noticed a little something somersaulting across the sand. Closer inspection revealed it to be a wee octopus. We had a good look, and the kiddies got to (gently) feel the suction cups and watch … Continue reading Photo of the Day: The Octopus

Photo of the Day: Enoden

A trip to Kamakura isn't complete until you've hopped on board an Enoden Line train. Usually green, but sometimes purple (and maybe another colour or two from time to time), sometimes with wooden floors (but usually not), the Enoden line is, as mentioned in a previous post, a wonderfully quaint throwback to the olden days. … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Enoden

Photo of the Day: Hatsuwakame

Hatsumode (first shrine visit of the year), hatsuyuki (first snowfall of the year), hatsuyume (first dream of the year), hatsuhinode (first sunrise of the year), hatsu...wakame (first wakame harvest of the year). Sure, why not? A neighbour knocked on our door just before 7am Friday morning to give us a bundle of fresh, shiny brown … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Hatsuwakame

Photo of the Day: A Frog’s Life

This fellow had his photo taken during our first snowfall of the year, January 1st. He lives just up the hill from us at Joju-in (Joju Temple), famous for its hydrangeas in June and July. Joju-in sits at the top of a hill, and is accessible by stairway from both the top and bottom of … Continue reading Photo of the Day: A Frog’s Life

Photo a Day: Komyo-ji

Komyo-ji is just shy of two kilometers from Kamakura Station. The distance means that it's off the beaten track and a little quieter than some of the better known temples. Don't let the distance discourage you, though, as it's worth the hike out - unlike many of the other temples and shrines, visitors can actually … Continue reading Photo a Day: Komyo-ji

Photo of the Day: Fish Fins

Fish drying is a common sight in Kamakura. In fact, my husband has taken up the hobby, though he's taking a break over the winter. These fishy were snapped through a shop window along Yuigahama Dori. I likely wouldn't have noticed, but Hisashi has an eye for fish and found them no problem.