Photo a Day: Komyo-ji

imageKomyo-ji is just shy of two kilometers from Kamakura Station. The distance means that it’s off the beaten track and a little quieter than some of the better known temples. Don’t let the distance discourage you, though, as it’s worth the hike out – unlike many of the other temples and shrines, visitors can actually go right inside the main hall and wander freely.

Komyo-ji also boasts a karesansui (raked pebble garden), which is unusual for a Buddhist temple of the Jodo sect, and, on the other side of the main hall, a pond with sacred lotus flowers.

4 thoughts on “Photo a Day: Komyo-ji

    1. Took quite a while to get it—my brother-in-law kept unknowingly walking into the shot. As it is, you can just see the sleeve of his jacket in the corner. My favourite part is all the purple curtain-type things. Loved watching them blow in the breeze.

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      1. Haha, I have that problem with YJ. He walks into *ALL* my photos. Which would be fine, except he also doesn’t want to be seen by anyone (online). 😛

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