Hello and nice to meet you. はじめまして。

We’re an international family of four. Hisashi is Japanese, born and raised in Tokyo. Helen is from small-town Canada, but has been living in Japan since January 2006. We met at our karate dojo in downtown Tokyo where we practised Okinawan Goju-ryu karate. We married in 2010 and welcomed our older daughter, Kaede, in 2011, and younger daughter, Nanami, in 2017. We moved from Tokyo to Kamakura in March 2014 to escape the hustle and bustle and to fulfill Hisashi’s dream of living on the coast. A surfer since junior high, Hisashi loves the sea. Helen, a landlubber, is slowly getting used to beach life.


We hope you’ll come down to stay with us and get to know a little bit more about the area. We’re keen to do everything we can to make your visit comfortable, fun, and — if you so desire — educational.


If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below.