Photo of the Day: Curry Shop Footprints

Kaede and I went on an evening stroll down Yuigahama Dori (street), and discovered that it's got a different feel at night. Which really shouldn't come as a surprise, but somehow, I wasn't expecting it. The next few posts will be random shops we walked by that drew my attention.

Photo of the Day: Goya

Goya, or bitter melon (not "bumpy cucumber" as I first called it), grows in profusion here. People give it away the way I remember neighbours begging us to take zucchini off their hands as a kid. It's bitter, but delicious. We mostly eat it in goya champuru, an Okinawan dish with tofu and... Spam. I … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Goya

Photo of the Day: Lotus Leftovers

Between being busy with the inn and the oppressive afternoon heat, we didn't get a chance to make it across town to see the lotus flowers at Hachimangu. I had actually completely forgotten, but then came across this lotus flower head on a walk. Such a shame! But at least the blossom-less heads are still … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Lotus Leftovers