Hydrangea Train, Kamakura

In Kamakura, June means hydrangeas. Thousands of them. And the tourists just eat it up. One of the most popular spots to take photos is Goryo Jinja, because the always-photogenic Enoden Line train rattles by as it exits the tunnel between Gokuraku-ji and Saka-no-shita.

え is for Enoden

  Or, to use its full name, Enoshima Dentetsu. Green, purple, blue — both sky and dark, occasionally hawking Coca Cola, with wooden floors if you're lucky, the Enoden line is Kamakura's cute little engine that can, ever so slowly, take you from Kamakura to Fujisawa. Slow, yes — the trip from start to finish … Continue reading え is for Enoden

Kamakura Koko-Mae

Kamakura Koko-Mae Station is one of the more beautiful stations along the Enoden Line. It's not that the station itself is so spectacular, but rather that the view from the station is second-to-none. From Kamakura Koko-Mae, the ocean spreads out in front of you in beautiful shades of blue, Enoshima (island) rises from the sea … Continue reading Kamakura Koko-Mae

Photo of the Day: Kamakura to Fujisawa

A fuzzy shot of our sweet little train. The entire Enoden Line, from Kamakura to Fujisawa, only takes about 35 or 40 minutes. And it wouldn't take nearly as long if it didn't snake through so many backyards, with barely a foot's clearance (or so it seems) between train and shrubbery. At one point, it … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Kamakura to Fujisawa

Photo a Day: Trains in Retirement

An old-school Enoden line train car set up for exploring. This little car with wooden flooring sits by some dusty playing fields across from a popular Kamakura park. It's quite the attraction, too, when it's open to the public. The privilege of hopping aboard does come with a few rules, though, one of which is, … Continue reading Photo a Day: Trains in Retirement