Hase in the Snow

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Taking a bit of a break from Kamakura in Kana to post some photos of the snowstorm from Monday, January 22. It only snows a few times a year here — sometimes only once or twice, so to get this much snow was pretty exciting, especially for this Canuck.

While I didn’t manage to make it to other parts of town, I did manage to catch three different temples in the snow: Hasedera, Kosoku-ji, and Kotoku-in. The Daibutsu was serene as always, even wrapped up in flurries.


Photo of the Day: Mochi Making

imageEvery once in a while, Kosoku-ji has a little market. Last time, there was a booth making mochi (pounded rice). Visitors took turns pounding the mochi with a big wooden hammer (even Kaede got to try), after which, the staff shaped and flavoured the mochi.

Sadly, I didn’t get a good shot of the pounding, so all I’ve got is the shaping and flavouring.