Hase in the Snow

Taking a bit of a break from Kamakura in Kana to post some photos of the snowstorm from Monday, January 22. It only snows a few times a year here — sometimes only once or twice, so to get this much snow was pretty exciting, especially for this Canuck. While I didn't manage to make … Continue reading Hase in the Snow

Kosoku-ji Blossoms

Kosoku-ji, a small temple not far from Hasedera, has absolutely fantastic gardens.Even before you get to the gardens, though, there are absolutely fantastic cherry trees - and today, they were pretty much at their peak. I admit to setting this next shot up. Not at first, but I decided that the blossoms that were already … Continue reading Kosoku-ji Blossoms

Early Sakura

We visited Kosoku-ji, a small temple with amazing gardens just down the street from us, the other day, and were surprised to see a few cherry trees had already bloomed. Unfortunately, I only had my iPad mini on me, and the trees were rather far away, so the photos aren't as clear as I wish … Continue reading Early Sakura

Photo of the Day: Indigo Crane

There's a really neat little shop between Hasedera and Kosoku-ji that sells all sorts of Japanese goods. Behind this curtain is the shop's display room. In late February and early March, an antique set of Girls' Festival dolls are set up. Now, merchandise is displayed where the dolls sat, but the various sandals, kimono and … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Indigo Crane

Photo of the Day: Mochi Making

Every once in a while, Kosoku-ji has a little market. Last time, there was a booth making mochi (pounded rice). Visitors took turns pounding the mochi with a big wooden hammer (even Kaede got to try), after which, the staff shaped and flavoured the mochi. Sadly, I didn't get a good shot of the pounding, … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Mochi Making

Photo of the Day: Lotus Leaves

It's almost lotus season, and the early ones are already budding. These lotus leaves are from a small plant at Kosoku-ji, a small temple next to Hasedera. Kosoku-ji has an impressive garden, but not too many lotus flowers. For a pond-full, head over to Hachimangu, where hundreds upon hundreds of blossoms stretch up towards the … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Lotus Leaves