Funa Oroshi

DSC_0153Making a living via the sea isn’t an easy path; in fact, it’s a downright terrifying one as far as I’m concerned. But then, I’m from a landlocked farming community, so dirt is naturally a far friendlier way of life the way I see things.

I guess I’m not alone in my wariness of the sea, though, as fishermen and women have a whole set of rituals and ceremonies they go through in order to bring themselves safety and good fortune as they battle waves, wind and cold. Kamakura, being an old fishing village, is home to a few, including the Funa Oroshi, which took place at the Saka-no-Shita area of Yuigahama Beach on January 2nd.

Normally, I find myself lost in the pack, but as Hisashi has been doing a bit of tidying and lifting for one of the fisher-families—and as Kaede has wheedled her way into the hearts of more than a few people here—we got to get a little closer to the action this time. Things look a bit different from above the crowds!

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