Photo of the Day: Persimmon Orange

imageMaybe I was sheltered as a child, but until I came to Japan, I had never seen a persimmon. I didn’t even know what they were. In fact, until I was about 21 and had a friend purchase a “persimmon coloured” shawl, I had not even an inkling what “persimmon” might be. After that, I thought it was just a colour.

And then I moved to Japan and fall came around. Suddenly, everywhere I looked, a brilliant orange fruit was either hanging off trees or displayed at the grocery store. “Magnificent,” I thought, “I’ll have to tell my family about this fruit when I get back home. Maybe the Asian food market stocks it.”

Well, I guess the deal was Japan got me, and Canada got persimmons, because when I walked into my local grocery store that Christmas on a trip home, what greeted me? A huge display of persimmons.


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