Photo of the Day: Fish Bowl

One of my favourite things about Japan—fish everywhere. And not just to eat! Fish ponds, giant fish bowls, fish everything. My first winter, I worried they'd all freeze. And while some people bring their fish inside for the winter, a surprising number are just fine in their outdoor bowls. This makes our 3-year-old very happy. … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Fish Bowl

Photo of the Day: Reaching New Heights

The rustling sound bamboo makes in the wind has been a favourite of mine since I arrived in Japan. Having grown up in rural Ontario, Canada, it was a sound I'd never heard—believe me, it's not quite the same as the sound of maple leaves in the wind. A subtle difference perhaps, but a difference … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Reaching New Heights

Fall in Kamakura: Hokoku-ji

Also known as Take-dera, meaning bamboo temple, Hokoku-ji was founded in 1334. It’s a bit of a hike from Kamakura station, but if you love bamboo groves, it’s a must. The main grounds are open for free wandering, but entrance to the bamboo grove requires payment of a small fee, as does a ticket for … Continue reading Fall in Kamakura: Hokoku-ji