Fall in Kamakura: Myohon-ji

Kamakura is beautiful in any season, but fall provides the perfect weather in which to really enjoy it. Warm sun, cool breeze, vibrant autumn colours adding a glorious palette to the landscape of mountains and valleys teeming with temples and shrines… Not to mention the sea, which ranges from slate grey on overcast days to the kind of turquoise and aquamarine you’d normally associate with a more southern seaside. It truly is a gem of a little city.

Kaede and Helen took to Kamakura’s maze of narrow streets to hunt down some of those fall colours last week, visiting a few temples we’d enjoyed over the summer, and checking out a couple of new places, too.


Myohon-ji, founded in 1260, is a temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism. At just less than one kilometre from Kamakura station (east exit), it’s an easy walk into the semi-wilderness. The final stretch is forest-bordered road, and no matter the season, it’s an emerald green passageway to take your breath away. In fall, the road is covered in fallen leaves, and the contrast between the summer-suggesting vibrant green and autumn-suggesting reds, oranges and browns is a curious but delightful scene.

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