Picture Perfect Kamakura

Photo by Helen
Photo by Helen

A photo a day keeps boredom at bay—and, I’m told, is worth a thousand words. Which is why my only resolution for this year (well, my only currently planned resolution) is to upload a photo of Kamakura and area each day for your viewing pleasure (I know you’re excited; don’t deny it).

Can I manage every single day? How many photos will end up being of the ocean and/or Mt. Fuji? Well, you’ll have to drop by to find out.

Today’s photo, the one at the top there, is of a pop-up yaki ika (grilled squid, though in this case, styled as “ika yaki”) shop. Pop-up shops in Japan are great, though you do need to watch the prices – some can be misleading, particularly yaki imo (baked sweet potato) prices, where price isn’t per potato, but rather based on the weight of the potato. Grams add up quickly!

Another favourite pop-up is the ramen (Chinese noodle) shop, though I’ve not seen one—or heard one (each kind of shop has its own traditional tinny music recording)—since I lived in Ogikubo about seven years ago. A tradition on its way out, perhaps, and a little different from the squid shop, which appeared to stay in the same spot rather than driving around the neighbourhood. I very rarely buy from the shops, but I suppose if I’d like to see the tradition continue—which I very much do—I should probably start.

Bring on the sweet potato shop!

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