Epic Kamakura Day Hike

Combine three trails into an epic day-long hike around the city

Photo of the Day: Hobbies

Stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, body boarding and fishing–these are the main water-based hobbies in our area. I await the day I can capture all four sports in one photo, but for now, two will have to do. There's a spot at the edge of Kotsubo Marina where the waves break just so, making it a … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Hobbies

Photo of the Day: Kotsubo Marina

Highway 134 runs parallel to Yuigahama Beach as it zips (or, more accurately, crawls) past Kamakura before disappearing into a tunnel. When it emerges, Kamakura has been left behind for Zushi, another popular beach town. The highway continues to trace the coastline, heading towards Zushi City and the beach area, but the brave and enthusiastic … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Kotsubo Marina