Epic Kamakura Day Hike

Combine three trails into an epic day-long hike around the city

い is for Inari

Inari, or O-Inari-san, is the Shinto god of rice. He’s often depicted with a few foxes — his messengers — so it’s not surprising that shrines dedicated to O-Inari-san overflow with fox statues and trinkets. Sasuke Inari Shrine, Kamakura’s shrine dedicated to O-Inari-san, is no different, with foxes here, there and everywhere; in every nook and cranny of … Continue reading い is for Inari

Photo of the Day: Through the Torii Gates

A row of red torii gates frame the path leading to Sasuke Inari Shrine. Today's photo is a bit of a cheat, as it's one from our Facebook page. Covered in fox figurines (Inari is a god who takes the form of a fox), nestled on the side of a hill, and with red torii … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Through the Torii Gates