Epic Kamakura Day Hike

Combine three trails into an epic day-long hike around the city

Hiking Foxes

Last Sunday, I took three of Kamakura's hikes and crammed them all together into an epic around-the-city hiking adventure.  The  Daibutsu-Kuzuharaoka hike took me from Hase to Kita-Kamakura, where I took the road that runs up to the left past Meigetsu-in to join the Ten-en course. Rather than cutting out at the Zuisen-ji path, I … Continue reading Hiking Foxes

A Whole Lot of Yagura

Along the Kinubari Yama hiking trail is a spot called the Mandaradō Yagura. If I recall correctly, it is the largest concentration of yagura (burial caves) in Kamakura, with over 150 caves. Because it's such an important spot, it's fenced in, and only opens for a few weeks at a time throughout the year. Unfortunately, … Continue reading A Whole Lot of Yagura