Hiking Foxes


Last Sunday, I took three of Kamakura’s hikes and crammed them all together into an epic around-the-city hiking adventure. 

The  Daibutsu-Kuzuharaoka hike took me from Hase to Kita-Kamakura, where I took the road that runs up to the left past Meigetsu-in to join the Ten-en course.

Rather than cutting out at the Zuisen-ji path, I continued along the trail, eventually arriving in the Junisou area of Kamakura. From there, I made my way to Asaina Kiridoushi Pass, one of the old ways into the city.

I doubled back from the end of the Yokohama-shi side of the pass, and headed towards Sugimoto Dera, where I headed up the Kinubari Yama trail out to Zushi, and then walked back along the seashore.

The hiking trails in Kamakura aren’t too tricky, so pretty much anyone can enjoy them. And, they’re full of history and other little curios, like these two Oinari-san foxes sitting alongside the Kinubari Yama trail.

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