Photo of the Day: Hobbies

Stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, body boarding and fishing–these are the main water-based hobbies in our area. I await the day I can capture all four sports in one photo, but for now, two will have to do. There's a spot at the edge of Kotsubo Marina where the waves break just so, making it a … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Hobbies

Photo of the Day: Windsurfing

Kamakura isn't just temples and shrines. Being surrounded by the ocean and thickly forested hills—the same reasons that made it a good, strong capital—make it a good, strong choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Those without equipment can rent and/or take lessons from various outfitters and water-sport schools in the area. Of course, not all activities require … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Windsurfing