Photo of the Day: Kotsubo Marina

imageHighway 134 runs parallel to Yuigahama Beach as it zips (or, more accurately, crawls) past Kamakura before disappearing into a tunnel. When it emerges, Kamakura has been left behind for Zushi, another popular beach town.

The highway continues to trace the coastline, heading towards Zushi City and the beach area, but the brave and enthusiastic map-reader can take a little detour into the small fishing village of Kotsubo.

One of our neighbours grew up in Kotsubo, back when it was surrounded by sandy beaches with a few reef areas. You’d never know nowadays, as Zushi Marina, and a large, vacation paradise-like condominium complex, now dwarf the little village.

Kotsubo backs onto—or more accurately, climbs—a steep hill. If you wander the narrow alleys between houses towards the hill, you’ll come across a steep set of stairs. Those who make it to the top will be rewarded with a tiny shrine, and, if memory serves, a nice view of the ocean.

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