Photo of the Day: Beware of Guard… Dormouse

Another one of the whimsical little creatures that call Kamakura's shopping streets home, this little guy keeps shop along Yuigahama Dori. This wee creature somehow reminds me of a book a teacher read me long, long ago. I believe it had to do with a mouse (natch) and a giant strawberry. No strawberry in the … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Beware of Guard… Dormouse

Photo of the Day: Enoden

A trip to Kamakura isn't complete until you've hopped on board an Enoden Line train. Usually green, but sometimes purple (and maybe another colour or two from time to time), sometimes with wooden floors (but usually not), the Enoden line is, as mentioned in a previous post, a wonderfully quaint throwback to the olden days. … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Enoden

Photo of the Day: Windsurfing

Kamakura isn't just temples and shrines. Being surrounded by the ocean and thickly forested hills—the same reasons that made it a good, strong capital—make it a good, strong choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Those without equipment can rent and/or take lessons from various outfitters and water-sport schools in the area. Of course, not all activities require … Continue reading Photo of the Day: Windsurfing

Photo of the Day: Fish Fins

Fish drying is a common sight in Kamakura. In fact, my husband has taken up the hobby, though he's taking a break over the winter. These fishy were snapped through a shop window along Yuigahama Dori. I likely wouldn't have noticed, but Hisashi has an eye for fish and found them no problem.

Picture Perfect Kamakura

A photo a day keeps boredom at bay—and, I'm told, is worth a thousand words. Which is why my only resolution for this year (well, my only currently planned resolution) is to upload a photo of Kamakura and area each day for your viewing pleasure (I know you're excited; don't deny it). Can I manage … Continue reading Picture Perfect Kamakura

Funa Oroshi

Making a living via the sea isn't an easy path; in fact, it's a downright terrifying one as far as I'm concerned. But then, I'm from a landlocked farming community, so dirt is naturally a far friendlier way of life the way I see things. I guess I'm not alone in my wariness of the … Continue reading Funa Oroshi

It’s Raining Fish

(Photo via Wikimedia Commons, CC licence)

One of the many perks of living by the ocean is free-of-charge fish drops. This one is from a month or two ago, and clearly, it was a little on the dried-out side. But we had another yesterday morning, and the fish was gloriously fresh. Surprisingly, no kites (of the bird kind) pounced on it, … Continue reading It’s Raining Fish