Photo of the Day: A Frog’s Life

This fellow had his photo taken during our first snowfall of the year, January 1st. He lives just up the hill from us at Joju-in (Joju Temple), famous for its hydrangeas in June and July. Joju-in sits at the top of a hill, and is accessible by stairway from both the top and bottom of … Continue reading Photo of the Day: A Frog’s Life

Photo a Day: Komyo-ji

Komyo-ji is just shy of two kilometers from Kamakura Station. The distance means that it's off the beaten track and a little quieter than some of the better known temples. Don't let the distance discourage you, though, as it's worth the hike out - unlike many of the other temples and shrines, visitors can actually … Continue reading Photo a Day: Komyo-ji

Fall in Kamakura: Hokoku-ji

Also known as Take-dera, meaning bamboo temple, Hokoku-ji was founded in 1334. It’s a bit of a hike from Kamakura station, but if you love bamboo groves, it’s a must. The main grounds are open for free wandering, but entrance to the bamboo grove requires payment of a small fee, as does a ticket for … Continue reading Fall in Kamakura: Hokoku-ji