Kannon-sama Pilgrimage: Jochi-ji and Tokei-ji

At the end of the Daibutsu-Kuzuharaoka hiking trail, in Kita-Kamakura, sits Jochi-ji, temple number 31 of the Kamakura Thirty-Three Kannon Pilgrimage. Not far down the road is Tokei-ji, temple number 32. In Japan, Thirty-Three Kannon pilgrimages are fairly common. According to Kamakura City's webpage on its Kannon-sama pilgrimage, the first Thirty-Three Kannon pilgrimage — the … Continue reading Kannon-sama Pilgrimage: Jochi-ji and Tokei-ji

Mini Buddha

Tokei-ji is deceptive. After climbing up some steep steps, it may seem as though you've stumbled upon a small, boring temple, and you might think, "hmm... should have skipped this one." But don't give up and turn around–keep walking, and discover a gorgeous hillside world of emerald green, covered with tombstones and statues. Tokei-ji also … Continue reading Mini Buddha