Kosoku-ji Blossoms

Kosoku-ji, a small temple not far from Hasedera, has absolutely fantastic gardens.Even before you get to the gardens, though, there are absolutely fantastic cherry trees - and today, they were pretty much at their peak. I admit to setting this next shot up. Not at first, but I decided that the blossoms that were already … Continue reading Kosoku-ji Blossoms

Early Sakura

We visited Kosoku-ji, a small temple with amazing gardens just down the street from us, the other day, and were surprised to see a few cherry trees had already bloomed. Unfortunately, I only had my iPad mini on me, and the trees were rather far away, so the photos aren't as clear as I wish … Continue reading Early Sakura

Wakame Harvesting

This year has been a bad year for wakame. Last year, the harvest was good. It was so good that the beach was strewn with wakame, both farmed and wild. Early mornings would see neighbourhood ojisan and obasan out gathering it in overflowing shopping bags. We had wakame shabu shabu time and again in the … Continue reading Wakame Harvesting