Photo of the Day: Seaside Living Japan

imageBeing friends with the fishermen and women on the beach has many perks—as far as my husband is concerned.

They’re lovely people and I enjoy their company, but I must say that the edible perks don’t thrill me in quite the same way as they do Hisashi.

I’m talking, of course, about seafood. Giant sea snails, for example, and today (and yesterday), octopus.

Today’s octopus was substantial—compared to yesterday’s at least. Our freezer will be as full of boiled octopus as a fridge is full of turkey after Thanksgiving.


For those interested few, prepping an octopus involves scrubbing it thoroughly with salt, then boiling it for about two minutes (depending on size and preference) in hojicha, a tea that provides a tantalizing (apparently) colour to the finished meal. Any octopus eggs are boiled for roughly five minutes in the same hojicha pot.

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