Photo of the Day: Farmers’ Market

DSC_0408The Kamakura farmers’ market has been getting a lot of TV time lately.

It’s not that it’s particularly reasonable price-wise, nor that the veggies are superior in taste (though I’m sure some locals would argue that point). What makes it special in my mind is the variety of veggies available.

Kamakura, being rather hilly and sandy, isn’t exactly blessed with vast quantities of good-quality soil, but the little that’s there seems to be owned by some adventurous folk. Here, displayed amongst the daikon (Japanese radish), gobo (burdock), and potatoes, you’ll find parsnips, Swiss chard, and other “foreign” vegetables that you rarely see elsewhere in Japan. It’s kind of cozy for me—and sometimes I lose my mind and spend ridiculous sums of money on just a few parsnips, a veggie I don’t even like, just because it makes me feel a little closer to home.

Farmers’ market magic, that is.

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