Photo of the Day: Full’a Beans

imageTwo words: free samples.

This shop is called Mameya, and while it isn’t a Kamakura-only shop—it’s a country-wide chain—it’s one of our favourites on the road between us and the Daibutsu. I enjoy the colours, Kaede enjoys the flavours, which are quite nice.

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Full’a Beans

  1. Hi Helen, I “nominated” you for the 5 Day Photo challenge. Here is the link to my my blog post. Because of our time difference, the blog with your name attached is scheduled to post at 6:00am my time. You should get a notification. I thought of you because you take such great photos and it might bring more followers to your blog! If you do not want to participate, no worries!

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