Photo of the Day: The Wind-Up Car

imageThere is a wind-up key on the back of this car. If you look very carefully, you’ll be able to see it.

Now, I assume that it’s just there for looks, but one never knows with eccentric motor vehicles and their equally eccentric owners.

This particular car is usually parked in front of one of the most amazing toy stores ever, located on Yuigahama Dori. In fact, until the day I took this picture, I thought the car was just a prop, you know, to get people to take a second look.

But then, walking to work one morning and about to cross the street, I heard what I thought was a scooter. I waited—didn’t want to get run over, after all—and nearly hit the ground with my jaw as this came zipping around the bend.

I’m flabbergasted that it’s legal to drive this car, but also pleased, because, well, just look at it. How could you not like a car with a wind-up key?

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