Myoryu-ji’s Lucky God

Jurojin, the shichifukujin of Myoryu-ji, is the god of wisdom and longevity.Considering that the man who stamped and signed our books at Myoryu-ji was the oldest we met along our trek, I think it's fair to say that Jurojin is doing his job. This Jurojin isn't the actual Jurojin - the temple's proper Jurojin is … Continue reading Myoryu-ji’s Lucky God

Daikoku Sama

This happy-looking fella is the god of wealth, farmers, food and good fortune. He can be found at Hasedera, grinning out from the side of the Daikoku-do (Daikoku Hall), where Hasedera's original Daikoku Sama statue is. The past few days, we've been on the Shichifukujin (Seven Gods of Luck) tour of Kamakura, filling up our … Continue reading Daikoku Sama