Nighttime Nobori

imageTango-no-Sekku, also known as Boys’ Day, is a Japanese festival to celebrate, well, boys. Since 1948, it’s been called Children’s Day, but for most families, the day still revolves around sons.

Tango-no-Sekku is May 5, and the festival is related to Double Fifth celebrations held in other areas of Asia. In Japan, a family with sons (and for those who take the change to Children’s Day seriously, daughters) will fly koi nobori—carp streamers. They’ll also display kabuto—traditional Japanese helmets, as well as gogatsu-ningyo dolls—May dolls, and sometimes even traditional Japanese armour.

Our local super sento (spa-like bathhouse) has these lovely koi nobori rippling through the air. The dark night sky gives them a bit of a spooky feel.


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