Photo of the Day: Sakura Season

imageDelicate pinkish white? Check. Soft, gently falling petals? Check. Grown in such quantities that Japan glows in an ethereal, otherworldly beauty? Check. Welllll… It must be cherry blossom season.

Cherry blossoms, or sakura in Japanese, are the flowers that the entire country (—>that’s roughly 127,000,000 people) waits for—and they only last about a week.

But what a week it is.

Picnics, parties, sipping sake under sweeping blossomed branches while individual petals float chira chira on wisps of wind around you… It’s a week-long dream sequence.

And then the petals cover the streets, the surface of ponds and rivers—everything—and when the wind blows, it’s like watching snow drift.


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