Photo of the Day: Through the Lantern Hole

imageA red-bibbed guardian dog framed by a stone lantern at Zeniarai Benten.

There’s so much more to this shrine than just money washing. First of all, it has one of the most amazing entrances—a tunnel carved out of the hillside. Once through the stone tunnel, visitors walk through yet another tunnel, this time made of thick wooden torii gates jumbled practically on top of each other.

The torii-gate tunnel leads to a large open area, with a fish pond and small shrine to the right, and stalls and the main knickknack/charm-selling building to the left and ahead.

Towards the back are stairs that lead up to another small shrine and pond.

The washing area is in the cave towards the back, and while it is the main draw, don’t forget about what else Zeniarai Benten has to offer.

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