Photo of the Day: Where Rickshaws Sleep

imageWandering the streets of Kamakura, be prepared to be assailed by earnest and uber-enthusiastic rickshaw drivers.

Usually young, strong men, they stand ready with broad smiles, kind words, and fantastic split-toed tabi boots. It’s hard to say no to their charm, but I’d be dead broke if I went everywhere by rickshaw. In fact, so far I’ve limited myself to just one man-pulled ride—and that was at Hisashi’s and my wedding in Hakone, when we wedged ourselves into a rickshaw for the ride from our dressing area to the shrine.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Where Rickshaws Sleep

  1. I….must have missed the rickshaw guys every time I’ve been! Or maybe there weren’t enough for me to notice. They are charming indeedーwas convinced to take a ride in Gion, Kyoto when travelling with a friend one time (It’s totes okay to do touristy things when people visit ;)), and the guy gave us stickers too, woo!

    Do you have any photos of your wedding?? Maybe not for the blog, but I’d love to see them sometime! 😀


  2. Weird. They’re usually out in scads around Hachiman and also Hase. Hmmm…. You’ll just have to come again. And it is totally cool to do touristy stuff with visitors. lol. But wait! I got no stickers after my rickshaw ride. Maybe it’s ’cause he had to haul us up a hill…

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