Kamakura Koko-Mae

Kamakura Koko-Mae Station is one of the more beautiful stations along the Enoden Line. It's not that the station itself is so spectacular, but rather that the view from the station is second-to-none. From Kamakura Koko-Mae, the ocean spreads out in front of you in beautiful shades of blue, Enoshima (island) rises from the sea … Continue reading Kamakura Koko-Mae

Medieval Tombs

Kamakura is riddled with small caves carved into the soft rock. These caves are tombs, built in medieval times. According to Wikipedia, Kamakura has anywhere from 1500 to 5000 yagura cut into its hills. It is assumed that many have yet to be found. The yagura pictured is Kamakura's largest, located at Meigetsu-in in Kita-Kamakura.

Kencho-ji Tengu

At the back of Kencho-ji's vast grounds, a hill rises up, topped by Kencho-ji's shrine, the Hansobo. Sprinkled over the hill is a collection of karasu-tengu (crow tengu), a kami (god)/yokai (supernatural being) combination creature. Most tengu in Japan, nowadays at least, are depicted as having exceptionally long noses, though the older style have more … Continue reading Kencho-ji Tengu