Photo of the day: Wakame in the Wind

imageWakame season began a few weeks ago, as mentioned in a previous post.

But, as the season progresses, we eat less fresh wakame and more dried. First, of course, you have to dry it, though.

So, our little stretch of beach finds itself covered in clothes lines full of wakame. Before hanging, the wakame is boiled in great big vats heated by fires built right on the beach. Hopefully, I’ll get down to the beach early one of these days in order to get a few shots of the hard part.

5 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Wakame in the Wind

  1. From brown and slimy, to green and slippery, to green and crisp, and back to slippery (or slimy if you oversoak) in salad: the many faces of wakame. 🙂

    You’re waaaay ahead of me in Japanese food-eating prowess if you can eat it in salad—I love it in miso soup, and it’s pretty good as shabu shabu, but for whatever reason, I just cannot eat it in salad. Perhaps someday…


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